Webinar – 2022 Tech Trends

Wednesday, January 12 at 1:00PM ET | 10:00AM PT

Webinar Summary

Organizations have been pushed to accelerate, adapt, and innovate under pressure, leaving little to no room for strategic growth. This has left the door wide open for 2022, as organizations now have the opportunity to take their lessons learned and expand their level of maturity to compete in today's environment. 

Driving business growth with technology is the single most important thing you can do in 2022. The truth is your company cannot transform or thrive without IT.

Join us for the 2022 Tech Trends Webinar, which will explore the following five trends:

  • Trend #1: Hybrid Collaboration
  • Trend #2: Battle Against Ransomware
  • Trend #3: Carbon Metrics in Energy 4.0
  • Trend #4: Intangible Value Creation
  • Trend #5: Automation as a Service

Featured Speakers



Vijay Sundaram

Chief Strategy Officer, Zoho

  • Vijay Sundaram is the Chief Strategy Officer at Zoho Corporation. Vijay oversees strategic corporate initiatives globally and is also responsible for the partner and channel program. He is a prior entrepreneur and company founder, in cloud supply chain software, mobile advertising technology, and renewable energy. He has led products, sales, business development, and finance teams within these organizations. Vijay enjoys brainstorming and troubleshooting complex business issues that skip across functional and organizational borders. He has an undergraduate degree in engineering from IIT Madras, and graduate degrees in computer science and in business from NYU and the Wharton School of Business, respectively.



Wade Barnes

Director and Chief Executive Officer, Farmers Edge

  • Wade Barnes is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Farmers Edge, and has served as a member of our Board since formation.

  • His roots began in rural Manitoba, where his passion for agriculture started at an early age. Since founding Farmers Edge, he has quickly become known as a motivational force in the agricultural industry. Facing disruption head on, Mr. Barnes bridged technology with agronomy to lead the development of a fully connected digital agricultural ecosystem in support of global sustainability and food traceability. He is a seasoned leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and deep agronomic roots that keep his sights on the needs of farmers and agribusinesses worldwide. Mr. Barnes has been recognized with numerous industry awards, including World Economic Forum’s Top 30 Technology Pioneers, Precision Ag Institute’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) of the Year. Prior to founding Farmers Edge, Mr. Barnes held a position as a Territory Manager at United Grain Growers.


Brian Jackson

Research Director, CIO, Info-Tech Research Group

  • As a Research Director in the CIO practice, Brian focuses on emerging trends, executive leadership strategy, and digital strategy. After more than a decade as a technology and science journalist, Brian has his fingers on the pulse of leading-edge trends and organizational best practices toward innovation.

  • Prior to joining Info-Tech Research Group, Brian was the Editorial Director at IT World Canada, responsible for the B2B media publisher’s editorial strategy and execution across all of its publications. A leading digital thinker at the firm, Brian led IT World Canada to become the most award-winning publisher in the B2B category at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards. In addition to delivering insightful reporting across three industry-leading websites, Brian also developed, launched, and grew the firm’s YouTube channel and podcasting capabilities.

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