Applications Priorities Report 2024

Wednesday, March 6, at 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT

Webinar Summary

In 2024, IT leaders will be pressed to innovate application practices in a transformational shift toward a more responsive, AI-enhanced, and user-centric application ecosystem.  


The Applications Priorities 2024 report explores five initiatives that will be critical to ensuring innovative, competitive, and secure applications strategies in the coming year.

Join our webinar where we will discuss how to better position the applications portfolio to tackle external disruptors and internal challenges:

  • Digital Experience (DX) – Deliver valuable user, customer, employee, and brand experiences.
  • Democratized AI – Extend AI access to everyone in your organization.
  • Predictive Solution Management – Prevent and mitigate solution issues before they happen.
  • Multisource Ecosystem – Manage an ecosystem composed of internally and externally built and supported solutions.
  • Intelligent Solution Delivery – Embed AI into your solution delivery practice.

Webinar Speakers


Andrew Kum-Seun

Research Director

  • Andrew Kum-Seun is a Research Director at Info-Tech Research Group. He covers key topics in the application roadmap and development space, which includes Agile development, DevOps, lean development, and other best practices within the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

  • At Info-Tech, Andrew provides IT leaders and development managers with the guidance, analysis, and various industry perspectives they need to conceptualize and execute strategies and plans for process and tooling implementations and optimizations. He has also written extensive and practical research on industry best practices based on insightful discussions with clients and thought leaders in the application development space. Before joining Info-Tech, Andrew worked in various government, financial, and software vendor organizations during his cooperative program at the University of Waterloo that honed his ability in critical analysis and holistic thinking. Andrew holds an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics with specialization in Actuarial Science and Statistics from the University of Waterloo.


Altaz Valani

Principal Advisory Director


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