Info-Tech Lightning Round 

Empowering Transformation: Key IT Insights for the Exponential Era

Wednesday, May 1, at 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT

Webinar Summary

In an age of exponential technological advancement, IT departments now sit at the core of innovation and strategic growth. 

Join us for an engaging webinar featuring five lightning talks, each designed to inspire and ignite discussion on pivotal IT strategies for the modern technology landscape. 

In this curated series of lightning talks, you’ll hear from experts across diverse IT domains as they explore the critical role that IT plays in shaping future-ready organizations. 

Gain rapid-fire insights to elevate strategy and embrace change in this exponential era:

  • Automate IT Asset Data Collection – Elevate your ITAM processes for accurate, actionable, and accessible data about the IT assets in your environment.
  • Establishing and Demonstrating the Value of IT Services – Identify the return on IT investment using real-world examples to demonstrate the value of IT services to the organization.
  • Making Allies in the C-Suite – Examine the importance of clearly describing the benefits of IT projects in a way that will persuade the organization to become an ally.
  • In the Exponential Era, IT Is the Business – Explore the critical role of IT as a driver of growth, success, and survival of the enterprise.
  • Getting Uncomfortable – Leveling up to strategic IT partner is a challenging transition. Understand how to change the way you lead in order to drive transformation.

Webinar Speakers


Andrew Sharp

Research Director

  • Andrew Sharp is a Research Director in the Infrastructure & Operations practice at Info-Tech Research Group. Andrew covers disaster recovery, business continuity, IT infrastructure operations management, skills planning, service management, and budgeting for IT infrastructure and operations organizations.


Erik Avakian

Technical Counselor

  • Erik Avakian is former state chief information security officer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Erik has over 22 years enterprise experience in security and program management, strategy, service delivery, relationship management, cross-collaboration, program execution, and leading and mentoring teams.


Jody Gunderman

Senior Executive Advisor

  • Jody Gunderman is the Banking and Captive Finance Lead in Info-Tech’s Executive Services. He is also the CFO Technical Counselor for Info-Tech Research Group. 

  • Jody has 40 years of executive experience in financial services across banking, retail finance, and P&C insurance with a deep knowledge of customer-interfacing systems and processes. His experience includes being the president and CFO of Banking Operations for John Deere.


Anubhav Sharma

Research Director

  • Anubhav is a digital strategy and execution professional with extensive experience in leading large-scale transformation mandates for organizations both in North America and globally, including defining digital strategies for leading banks and spearheading a large-scale transformation project for a global logistics pioneer across ten countries.


Carlene McCubbin

Associate Vice President, Research Development

  • Carlene McCubbin is an Associate Vice President, Research Development, at Info-Tech Research Group covering key topics in operating models & design, governance, and human capital development.

  • During her tenure at Info-Tech, Carlene has led the development of Info-Tech’s Organization and Leadership practice and worked with multiple clients to leverage the methodologies by creating custom programs to fit each organization’s needs.

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