Steering IT to Drive Organizational Value – Key Insights for Strategic IT Leadership

Wednesday, May 22, at 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT

Webinar Summary

As IT makes the necessary shift to a strategic, value-driven function that plays a critical role in shaping the organization’s future, the challenges facing IT leaders have never been greater. 

Join us for a dynamic webinar that brings together expert speakers for five-minute lightning talks. 

We’ll explore a variety of success factors, challenges, and strategies for IT leaders and teams as they navigate the complexities of rapid technological change, lead with vision and purpose, and drive significant value for their organizations in this transformative era.

Gain rapid-fire insights into various facets of leadership, communication, and decision-making that underpin technology-driven value:

  • Discover and Embrace Critical Success Factors for Large Enterprise Technology Transformations – Explore key factors for guiding enterprise technology initiatives to success.
  • Don't Call Your Business Partner a “Customer” or “Client” – Words matter. Examine how a shift in language can strengthen collaboration and drive mutual value.
  • Governance and Bureaucracy Are Not the Same Thing – Understand the critical difference between governance and bureaucracy and learn how effective governance frameworks can safeguard and enhance digital value creation.
  • So You Think You Won't Pay? – Examine the trolley problem’s relevance to modern ransomware challenges as we shed light on the considerations leaders face in cybersecurity and the implications of decision-making under threat.
  • Minimizing Bias to Improve Decision-Making – Explore the pervasive challenge of bias in decision-making and learn strategies for identifying and minimizing bias to make more effective decisions.

Webinar Speakers


Lisa Highfield

Principal Director

  • Lisa Highfield is the Principal Director, HR Technology and Artificial Intelligence for McLean & Company. Lisa creates and delivers practical HR research and advisory services to help leaders drive strategic results. She is a progressive leader with over twenty-five years of strategic, technical, and operational experience in human resources, IT, and finance. As a former Research and Advisory Director of Enterprise Applications for Info-Tech Research Group, Lisa is uniquely positioned to assist organizations with HR technology and operations.


Allison Straker

Advisory Director

  • Allison Straker has nearly two decades of experience in IT, most notably as a business consultant with experience in business analysis, project/portfolio management, user experience, and quality assurance.


Greg Sanker

Principal Advisory Director

  • Greg Sanker is a author, speaker, practitioner and former CIO who helps organizations and people achieve excellence. He has extensive experience in IT operations at all levels, in organizations ranging from Fortune 10 to smaller companies and state government. 


Michel Hébert

Principal Research Director

  • Michel Hébert is a Principal Research Director with the Security & Privacy practice at Info-Tech Research Group. A skilled facilitator, researcher, and advisor, Michel helps clients improve service management and security capabilities and mitigate organizational risks. He has worked with hundreds of clients in a variety of public and private sectors, including government, higher education, and healthcare.


Vince Mirabelli

Principal Research Director

  • Vincent Mirabelli is a Principal Research Director in the Applications practice at Info-Tech Research Group, bringing a background in strategic business analysis and continuous improvement gained over nearly 20 years in the public and private sectors.

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