Distributed Trust: The Key to Successful Contact Tracing


Wednesday, June 3

1:15pm ET


With COVID-19 infecting populations at an exponential rate and a vaccine still some time away, governments are looking to augment manual contact tracing solutions using mobile apps. So far, mobile apps launched for this purpose have missed the mark, but that owes to their reliance on a centralized design.

On May 20, Apple and Google released their APIs to enable decentralized contact tracing apps, and now governments around the world are considering these new tools to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some vendors are also offering their own contact tracing solutions to be deployed at the company level.

Join us on this timely webinar to learn:

  •  Why distributed trust is part of the recipe for a contact tracing app that will be widely adopted. 

  •  The privacy considerations of contact tracing apps that could spiral into surveillance. 

  •  Cutting-edge technologies that could enable collaboration with a privacy-first approach. 

  •  How solutions for contact tracing at the company level might work.


Featured Speakers


Ann Cavoukian

Executive Director, Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre

Ryerson University


Brian Jackson

Research Director

Info-Tech Research Group


David Glazer

Research Lead

Info-Tech Research Group



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