Reimagine Learning in the Face of a Crisis


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

1:15pm ET


COVID-19 is a crisis like no other – most organizations have needed to act quickly to re-evaluate their priorities, and employees are challenged to navigate unchartered territory.

Learning how to perform effectively through the crisis and deliver on evolving priorities is critical to their success. This requires L&D to reimagine their approach to deliver learning that is closely aligned with priorities and curate content to provide the learning employees and leaders need most, when they need it.

Join us for our latest webinar where McLean & Company analysts will focus on:

  •  Understanding the need to reimagine learning during a crisis and prioritizing learning needs. 

  •  Reimagining how learning needs will be met. 

  •  Determining technology requirements and transforming learning delivery


Join this webinar to discuss a best-practice approach on L&D's critical role in enabling the organization's immediate and evolving priorities during the crisis, and beyond. 


Featured Speakers


Gordon Houston

Director, HR Advisory Services

McLean & Company


Evan Hughes

Senior Manager, HR Research & Advisory Services

McLean & Company


Elysca Fernandes

Senior Analyst, HR Research & Advisory Services

McLean & Company



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